Switch profiles on the fly

Tupperbox lets you have many different profiles ("Tuppers") which you can choose between easily with every message you send!


  • Immersive roleplay as your favorite characters!
  • For plural users, let your system members express themselves naturally!
  • Play out scenarios as your DnD characters!
  • Express your creativity by acting out scenes or making instant memes!

Create and edit Tuppers

A tupper is a fake Discord profile you can send messages through, as long as Tupperbox also has access to that channel.
You pick a tupper to use by writing its "brackets" around your message. It's useful to think of the brackets as a special prefix for your tupper.

Tupper features

  • Change your tuppers' names or avatars
  • Add nicknames and tags to customize your tuppers' names
  • Organize tuppers into groups
  • Import tuppers from compatible bots like PluralKit

Web Dashboard

Manage your tuppers and groups with the online dashboard!

  • Reorder tuppers and groups
  • Remove multiple tuppers
  • Edit tupper and group info

Proxy Features

A proxy is a message sent through a tupper. You can interact with these messages through various reactions.

  • React with ❌ to a proxy you've sent to delete it!
  • React with ❓ to a proxy to show who sent it in DM!
  • React with 📝 to edit a proxy you've sent!


Set a tupper to autoproxy and every regular message you send will be from that tupper!

  • Use "sticky mode" to autoproxy as the last tupper used!
  • Turn on autoproxy in a specific server or even channel
  • Start a message with \ to disable autoproxy for that message
  • Start a message with \\ to clear a stickied tupper until next proxy

Tupperbox logs


Set a log channel to have Tupperbox copy all proxied messages to it.

Ideal for moderators to quickly check what a user has said as a particular tupper. Works with Discord search bar!