Tupperbox Blog

Tupperbox 2023 Review and 2024 Plans
News | Fri Feb 09 2024
New bug fix patch, looking back on the previous year, and a quick review of our plans for 2024!
Avatar Migration Complete!
News | Fri Dec 08 2023
We've finished the migration to the new system! Included are some details on how avatars are going to work going forward.
Big Changes to Avatars and Avatar Downloader
News | Tue Nov 28 2023
Discord's locking down their image attachments so we made a new tool that downloads all your avatars.
New Server Settings Page and Discord Image Problems
Updates | Fri Oct 27 2023
Fancy new page for server admins to control server settings! Also, an alert regarding upcoming Discord attachment changes.
Website Update - Cropping Tool
Updates | Tue Aug 29 2023
Latest Update: Take control of how your Discord avatar looks with our new Cropping Tool—now available for premium users.
Direct Premium Subscriptions Now Available
News | Mon Aug 21 2023
Announcement regarding new Premium subscribers - Patreon no longer required. Also, a general update on schedule and plans.
New User Settings Page and Variants Overhaul Update
News | Fri Jul 21 2023
New Dashboard Feature and Variants Overhaul Progress Report
Migrate All Your Avatars
News | Fri May 05 2023
We have a new shiny tool that migrates all your avatars to our CDN so your avatars stop disappearing! Also news.
2023 Survey Closed + Introducing New Team Member
News | Sat Feb 18 2023
Thanks for all your reponses!
Survey for Free Premium
News | Tue Jan 17 2023
Fill out a quick survey and get one month of Tupperbox Premium for free!
Future of Tupperbox - Introducing Premium
Updates | Wed Jul 14 2021
Funds from Tupperbox Premium will be put towards hosting, building new features, and building out a wider Tupperbox Community.
New Blog!
News | Mon Jul 12 2021
A place to communicate updates about Tupperbox