Tupperbox Blog

Big Changes to Avatars and Avatar Downloader
News | Tue Nov 28 2023
Discord's locking down their image attachments so we made a new tool that downloads all your avatars.
New Server Settings Page and Discord Image Problems
Updates | Fri Oct 27 2023
Fancy new page for server admins to control server settings! Also, an alert regarding upcoming Discord attachment changes.
Website Update - Cropping Tool
Updates | Tue Aug 29 2023
Latest Update: Take control of how your Discord avatar looks with our new Cropping Tool—now available for premium users.
Direct Premium Subscriptions Now Available
News | Mon Aug 21 2023
Announcement regarding new Premium subscribers - Patreon no longer required. Also, a general update on schedule and plans.
New User Settings Page and Variants Overhaul Update
News | Fri Jul 21 2023
New Dashboard Feature and Variants Overhaul Progress Report
Migrate All Your Avatars
News | Fri May 05 2023
We have a new shiny tool that migrates all your avatars to our CDN so your avatars stop disappearing! Also news.
2023 Survey Closed + Introducing New Team Member
News | Sat Feb 18 2023
Thanks for all your reponses!
Survey for Free Premium
News | Tue Jan 17 2023
Fill out a quick survey and get one month of Tupperbox Premium for free!
Future of Tupperbox - Introducing Premium
Updates | Wed Jul 14 2021
Funds from Tupperbox Premium will be put towards hosting, building new features, and building out a wider Tupperbox Community.
New Blog!
News | Mon Jul 12 2021
A place to communicate updates about Tupperbox