New Server Settings Page and Discord Image Problems

Howdy folks, got a new update on the website to go over, plus an explanation of upcoming problems regarding Discord's attachment system in relation to avatars.

One of our top priorities this year has been bringing all of the current bot functionality to the online dashboard. One of the last remaining pieces of major functionality was the ability for Discord server admins to configure the bot for their server.

Introducting the Server Settings Page!

It's been in the works for quite some time now, but the Server Settings Page is now live on the dashboard! Give it a gander if you like! This page allows Tupperbox users who run servers to configure all of the bot's server-related settings with a simple and easy to use interface.

Note: This will only let you configure servers that you have the "Manage Server" permission for, just like the tul!cfg command.

On the left, you can configure the basic server-wide settings, like how to address the bot, what the bot calls Tuppers, or which channel the bot logs tupper messages to. Below that, you have the Permissions panel, which allows you to select a permission scope you would like to configure.

Having a scope selected will open the window on the right, where you can enable or disable permissions, either server-wide, per-role, per-channel, or even per-user!

If you have any issues with the page or want to give feedback, drop on by the support server!

The more observant of you may have noticed that when you send someone a Discord image link lately, the links have all gotten way, way bigger, as you can see below:

Old Style

New Style

Without getting into the technical details, the reason for this is because Discord has decided to lock down their image hosting to only work primarily inside of Discord. In a future Discord update, all of the old style of links will stop working entirely outside of Discord, and the new style of links will only work outside of Discord temporarily.

Everything inside of Discord should work the same, with some possible exceptions.

What does this mean for Tupperbox?

Problems, probably! We're not entirely sure what the full impact of this will be, but if we don't implement fixes beforehand, avatars using Discord attachments may stop working entirely for free users.

Rest assured, we are currently working on solutions to either remedy this with Discord, or if necessary, bypass Discord entirely in order to maintain the current level of functionality. This has presented a serious and unforeseen challenge, but we have already planned fixes that should cover the situation, and are currently working on implementing them now.

Unfortunately, this has meant a delay in all other features we've been working on at the time, including the Variants update. We had a couple of things, like the Server Settings page and an upcoming bot feature almost ready, so we've been pushing to get those finished alongside the fixes for these shenanigans.

Stay Posted for Future Updates!

We should have another update and announcement regarding the avatar issues coming soon-ish. We've also got a new bot feature coming.

As always, folks who want to stay up to date regarding Tupperbox should join the support server for the latest. If you have any questions or feedback to give, drop on by!

Thanks for your support and patience, and a huge thank you to our Premium users. Without our Premium subscriptions, we would not be able to afford to continue supporting the bot.

~ Gasparr, Guardian of the Pond