Avatar Migration Complete!

Howdy folks!

Important stuff first: For anyone who hasn't been able to use the Avatar Downloader yet, give it a shot now! We fixed a bunch of bugs. Report any remaining bugs to the Support Server.

New Avatar System

Yesterday, we published an update to the bot that brought the new avatar system online. This means that all avatars on Tupperbox are now being hosted and served via the Tupperbox CDN.


Discord is making changes on December 15th that will cause Discord attachments to become inaccessible outside of Discord - and this includes through Tupperbox. To prevent these changes from affecting Tupperbox users, we took the initiative to download all 77 million of your tupper avatars to our own servers to ensure none of them go missing.


The new system brings the following exciting features to all users:

  • Avatars will never again go missing or be deleted as long as a tupper is still using them!
  • Avatars should now always work regardless of size! Never have to crop or resize uploads again!
  • Avatar uploading and cropping via the Dashboard will soon be made available to all users!


As mentioned before, we've had to crop and compress avatars for free users, as storing almost 80 million full size images would not be financially viable for us. Premium users will have the full-size, uncompressed avatar backed up in addition to the compressed version.

In addition, we won't be able to hold on to everyone's images forever. If a free user's tupper is deleted, we will hold onto their avatar for at least 1 month in case the user wants to re-import them, but if that tupper is not re-imported before then, we will be purging the avatar image from our servers.

Finally, note that once December 15th hits, the full size versions of avatars originally from Discord will no longer be accessible by Tupperbox. This means that we won't be able to automatically back up the full size versions of your avatars after that date, so if you would like to ensure that your full size images stay backed up within Tupperbox, now would be a great time to subscribe to Premium!

Avatar Downloader Bugs and Updates

In our last post, we announced our Avatar Downloader tool. It's worked for lots of folks, but it seems to have run into some snags that we didn't see coming for some folks.

We've gone ahead and improved the system so it should work much more consistently, and if that isn't enough, we added a second downloader button that uses a slower but possibly more reliable means of downloading images.

If you haven't already downloaded a backup of your full size avatars, head on over to the Avatar Downloader and give it a shot! Free users' full size images will only be available through the tool until the 15th of December, after which, the tool will only be able to download the compressed version.

Anyone who runs into bugs, please report them to the Support Server!

Your Support Makes this Possible

These features were only possible due to the financial support from our Premium users. Thank you!

If you'd like to support what we're doing, consider becoming a Premium member! You get some neat features, expanded limits, and the warm fuzzy feeling of helping to support us as we continue to maintain and improve the bot!

Thank you all, and happy holidays!

~ Gasparr, 🐸