2023 Survey Closed + Introducing New Team Member

Howdy folks, this post is just to notify everyone on the site that our 2023 survey for free premium is now closed, and to formally introduce a new team member for the full time development effort of Tupperbox.

We got so many great responses from you all (like 8500, holy smokes!) Thank you all so much for your valuable input! We hope you've enjoyed your free month of Tupperbox Premium.

To anyone who feels like they missed out, we are planning on doing more surveys in the future, and when that happens we'll be sure to offer up the same free month of Premium in exchange.

The plan from here is to process and analyze your survey responses, read through your suggestions, then once we figure we have a handle on what you all want the most, we're going to lay out a roadmap for the rest of 2023, prioritizing most wanted features first and hopefully setting realistic expectations for the rest of the year.

In the meantime, we've been working on keeping the bot running, fixing bugs, adding a few features here and there, and we should have a new update for the dashboard coming Soon™.

Introducing Gasparr

While I've got your attention, let me introduce myself - I go by Gasparr on Discord, I'm Roryl's husband, and as of 2023 I've been helping him work on Tupperbox full time!

I have a background in web design and I've been working on the updates to the website directly. I'll also be writing most of the blog posts going forward, but Roryl might chime in on occasion.

My personal goal is to help push the website features forward and take some of the pressure for bot development off of Roryl. My biggest contribution so far has been creating and implementing the survey for the website, and I'm looking forward to many more contributions!

~ Gasparr, Amphibious Webmaster