The "Presentation" Featurebox

The first Featurebox is here! In the last blog post we mentioned that we were planning on rolling out larger, more thematic updates this year, and Featureboxes are what we'll be calling these larger updates!

Without any further ado, let's get into the details of the "Presentation" Featurebox!

Group Avatars

All users can now set avatars for groups! These avatars will show up on the Tupperbox Dashboard to help you quickly identify your groups, and will also appear in tupper profile cards and on tul!list pages for the group.

Group Avatars on the Dashboard Group Avatars in tul!list

Try out the tul!group avatar <name> [avatar] command to set group avatars, or upload directly via the Dashboard.

Tupper Banners

Premium users can now set banner images for tuppers! These banners will show up in tupper profile cards, the Dashboard, and commands like tul!show.


Please note that banners will not show up in the Discord pop-up when you click on a tupper's name. We would have loved to support this, but it's a limitation of Discord's UI!

Here's a sample of a banner in tul!show:

Sample of banner in tul!show

Try out the tul!banner <name> command to set up your banners, or upload directly via the Dashboard.

Tupper Profile Cards

Premium users can now generate shareable profile cards for their tuppers! The cards have a simple and elegant design and will show off all of your tupper's key information such as avatar, group, description, etc.

Here's a sample profile card:

Sample Profile Card

Try out the tul!profile <name> (alias: tul!card <name>) command in Discord to generate yours!

Dice Rolls are now Free Tier

Dice Blocks have been moved to Free Tier! Try them out by including a dice block in your proxy like this: snee: I attack the enemy for {{5d6 + 10}} damage!

Sample dice block usage visual upgrade!

Our amphibious webmaster Gasparr has completed a major facelift for all pages of our site that we're very excited about!

This includes multiple new assets, a fancy background on all pages that you've probably noticed, and a styling overhaul of the Dashboard and Home pages in particular.

We invite you to take a look around and let us know what you think!

Tupperbox Usability Refresh

Nearly every single line of text in Tupperbox's Discord command responses has been tweaked according to some new usability guidelines we're going to start working from.

  • You'll see new, more helpful responses in many places, especially in common points of failure like tul!register and tul!brackets commands.
  • All of the tul!help pages have been improved.
  • We've ensured Tupperbox will "echo" your command arguments to you wherever possible to help you understand how the bot is reading your commands.
  • Scoped command responses have received significant changes, such as tul!auto sticky channel and similar commands.
  • User settings commands like tul!proxy and tul!auto will now give you helpful notes and warnings if your change might lead to unexpected results.

Tupperbox Guide Rework

We've totally revamped the Tupperbox Guide to be more user-friendly and informative, including multiple new pages, a complete command reference, and several useful visual elements to aid readability!

We especially recommend checking out the following new guide pages:

Import/Export on Dashboard

The Tupperbox Dashboard now has an Import/Export tool! This tool comes with a lovely interface for selecting which tuppers and groups you'd like to import or export from the data.

Import/export page

Now's a good time to remind everyone to export your data in case something happens to your account! Just click Import/Export, sign in if needed, and hit that export button!

Improved Avatar Cropping

You can now upload avatars and banners on the Dashboard via file upload OR by direct link!

Additionally, Premium users can now easily adjust the crop of avatars on the Dashboard, if we've previously stored the full-size version of the image.

The cropping tool has also received a few other improvements that should make it easier to use. Try it out on the Tupper List!

Other Features, Changes, Fixes

  • Dramatic performance improvements for the Dashboard with many tuppers - use groups for best results!
  • New style for tupper replies to improve readability
  • The ❓ proxy action now disables the "Show Tupper Info" button if the user has privacy enabled
  • New command tul!cfg reset to wipe server permissions without having to kick the bot
  • tul!avatar, tul!group avatar, tul!banner now support cropping via a named argument - e.g. tul!avatar <name> crop:left to have Tupperbox focus on the leftmost portion of the image
  • tul!cfg and tul!diagnose now accept channel links (right click -> copy link) in addition to mentions & IDs
  • tul!private now defaults to global privacy, which is the recommended setting. Server settings can still be set with e.g. tul!private off server
  • tul!register success response improvements, now tells you how many tuppers you have & your personal limit, also shows the cropped avatar
  • tul!list and tul!cfg can now target users by their username or display name instead of needing to ping them
  • Raised tul!describe limit to 4000 characters
  • tul!edit now prompts you for the new message content if you run it without one
  • tul!export now asks for confirmation before sending your data publicly
  • tul!togglebrackets now causes the first set of brackets to be added to the message when autoproxying
  • tul!diagnose now works with the default prefix even if the prefix has been changed, to make it a more reliable debugging tool
  • tul!help <command> is now case insensitive
  • Tuppers can send polls (create a poll with autoproxy enabled, see tul!auto)
  • Performance improvements for tul!import when importing many tuppers
  • Greatly improved error handling and recovery on Dashboard, should lead to fewer site breakages
  • Improved authorization flow on Dashboard, you'll now get a pop-up asking to sign in instead of just redirecting straight to Discord sign-in when visiting a dashboard page
  • Updated FAQ with more recent info
  • Fixed tul!invite not showing up in tul!help
  • Fixed some edge cases where Tupperbox would just never respond to a proxy attempt
  • Fixed a rare error when trying to use tuppers in a a forum channel
  • Fixed some errors with dialogs like the edit reaction that would cause Tupperbox to respond after the dialog is already over
  • Trying to edit a proxy to over 2000 characters now correctly fails instead of erroring out
  • Fixed a bug with tul!auto show reporting an incorrect "effective settings" sometimes

Looking Forward

We're excited to have this Featurebox out the door and we're looking forward to the next one!

We plan to continue the slower update schedule as it's allowed us to focus on larger features and noticeable improvements. We're also planning to continue the trend of improving the usability of Tupperbox, both in terms of the bot's responses and the Dashboard's interface.

In the next update, we're planning on adding more things to do with Tuppers. We hope you look forward to it!