• tul!register <name> <brackets>
    • Register a tupper named <name>.

Note: Tupperbox has a configurable prefix. In command examples above, replace tul! with your server's Tupperbox prefix where necessary.

If your tupper's name contains spaces, you must surround the full name in single or double quotes 'like this' or "like this". You can upload an image when using this command to quickly set that image as the new tupper's avatar!

Your tupper's brackets must contain the exact word text with letters or symbols before or after it. You can have brackets on one or both sides, like r:text or >text<. The word text is a placeholder for what you want the tupper to say. For example, if you run the command tul!register Example ex:text, you would be able to make Example say "hello" by writing: ex:hello

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