Table of Contents

  1. Tupper
  2. Brackets
  3. Proxy


Definition: A Tupperbox profile that you can send messages through.

We call them "tuppers" because there's no other word that captures everything people use them for - roleplay characters, plurality, alternate accounts, memes, and so on.

The word "tupper" is derived from the name of the bot, Tupperbox, whose name was inspired by the Tupperware brand of food storage containers. As an interesting bit of trivia, the name for tuppers was originally "tulpa", a term in plurality used by the developer's friends who were the first users of Tupperbox. This is also why the bot's default prefix is tul!.


Definition: The trigger or command you use to send a message as a tupper.

Similar to above, the term comes from the origins of the bot, when most people used actual brackets like [text] or {text} for their tuppers. These days, many people use patterns like guy:text or guy text instead, which aren't really "brackets" but still serve the same purpose of being a trigger for the bot.


Definition: A message sent by a tupper.

This term comes from the idea that the message is being "proxied" through Tupperbox, as if Tupperbox is a proxy server. The term "proxy" is interchangeable with "tupper message", and both are commonly used on this site and in Tupperbox's tul!help command.

In some cases, "proxy" is also used as a verb, as in "I proxied a message from my tupper". This is the usage meant by features like Autoproxy, which automatically proxies messages you send as the chosen tupper.