Note: Tupperbox has a configurable prefix. In command examples below, replace tul! with your server's Tupperbox prefix where necessary.

My tuppers aren't working, but other people's are!

There are two possibilities:

  1. You have proxying disabled. Run tul!proxy enable in the affected channel to re-enable it.
  2. You don't have permission to proxy. Ask a server admin for access, and if they're confused, ask them to check the permissions by using the tul!cfg show command.

My tuppers aren't working, and everyone else's aren't either!

Ping Tupperbox in the channel you're trying to use tuppers.

  1. If it doesn't respond, the bot is either down, not in your server, or doesn't have access to that channel. Check the bot's status and permissions.
  2. If it does respond, a server admin has probably denied most users proxy permissions. Ask a server admin to check the permissions using tul!cfg show.

Why isn't Tupperbox deleting my messages?

First, make sure the bot has permission to delete messages in the channel the issue is happening in. If it does, double check that there's no channel-specific permission setting that might be interfering. (Edit the channel -> Permissions)

If that doesn't fix it, try restarting your client - hit CTRL+R if you're on desktop, or completely back out of and close the app on mobile. If the messages disappear, congrats! You've found a Discord bug! Sometimes, Tupperbox deletes a message so fast that Discord gets confused and temporarily still shows it to you. Other people don't see these messages, they only show up for you, and unfortunately we can't do anything about it.

How can I restrict access to certain people/roles?

There are two commands useful for permission management - tul!cfg deny and tul!cfg allow. Tupperbox recognizes three permissions - proxies, commands, and queries. You can currently modify permissions on either a role or a channel.

As an example, if you want to only let people with a specific role use tuppers, you could first run tul!cfg deny proxies to deny proxies by default, then tul!cfg allow proxies @role to allow proxies to that role. You can also restrict or allow access to specific channels and users as well, for example tul!cfg allow proxies #rp-chat.

Tupperbox says it's missing a permission, but it looks like it has it

Make sure that the bot has a green checkmark on the permission in your channels' settings. Often times this is caused by the @everyone role having a red mark where the permission is, and the bot not having any overrides or not having a green mark, which will deny the permission to the bot even if it has a role with lots of permissions normally.

Why isn't Tupperbox recognizing a tupper with emoji/spaces in its name?

Most of the time these issues arise due to forgetting to add "quotation marks" around the tupper's name when running a chat command.

These days, you should just use the dashboard instead, as it bypasses needing to fiddle with chat commands.

Is there a limit to how many tuppers I can have?

Yes; right now that limit is 500 for most people. Users that had a higher limit at the time this was added may have a higher personal limit. Tupperbox Premium users have a limit of 5000 instead.

The help function returns a blank message!

Bots typically use a feature of Discord called embeds, originally made for showing link previews. If you have "Show website link previews" turned off in your Discord user settings, it will also hide bot embeds. Turn this setting on in order to see responses from Tupperbox.

Can others use my tuppers?

Currently, there is no built-in way to share tuppers. Tuppers are registered to each individual user.

The best you can do is use tul!export [name] [name] ... to export a file containing those tuppers, then give the link to someone else and have them use tul!import [url] to import the tuppers contained in that file.

Alternatively, if you only want to share one or two, you can simply have the other person repeat all the commands you used to set up the tupper.

What do I do if the bot is down in my server?

First, you should join the support server to see if there are any recent announcements of downtime or restarts: https://discord.gg/Z4BHccHhy3

If the bot is up for other people but not you, double check that you're in a channel Tupperbox can see - sometimes it needs to be given permission to a locked channel, or else it won't show up in the user list. If all else fails, join the support server and ask for help, and as a last resort try kicking and re-adding the bot to the server. NOTE: Kicking and re-adding the bot will prevent the bot from being able to edit or delete any old messages.

How can I post a message in a separate channel?

This is a premium-only feature. If you are a premium user, channel redirection is one type of proxy block and can be used by starting your proxy with {{#channel}}.

How do I invite the bot?

Use the "Add to Server" button at https://tupperbox.app/. Alternatively, you can run the tul!invite command somewhere that already has Tupperbox to get a link you can use to invite it to another server. Sending Tupperbox an invite link in DMs does not work.

My server isn't coming up in the invite list!

Make sure you're logged into the correct account and that you have permission to add bots to the server you want to add it in (this permission is called Manage Server). If it's still not showing up, it's probably due to a Discord bug - we can't really control Discord's invite page, so you might have to ask them for support.

Tupperbox is invited, but isn't in any channels!

Make sure to give Tupperbox any access roles your server has - bots don't get any special access to private channels.

To see the permissions Tupperbox has, go to:

Server Settings > Members > Type 'tupperbox' into the search bar

If that doesn't work, make sure Tupperbox has a green check on Read Messages in the settings of the channel you want it in (or has a role with this permission).

Why can't I give tuppers roles/name colors? Why can't they add reactions?

In short, it's because they aren't actually bots/users - they're just webhooks. This is unfortunately a limitation with Discord itself and not something we can change.

Can I use Nitro/global emoji with tuppers?

Yes! Make sure that the Tupperbox itself (and/or the Tupperbox Role) has the External Emotes permission.

Tupperbox also MUST be in the server the emoji comes from in order to "see" and use it. Treat Tupperbox as if it also has nitro for the sake of what emotes it can see & use.

When I click on a name, it shows a different tupper!

This is a bug with Discord and isn't something that Tupperbox can control.

My question isn't answered here!

If your question isn't on this list, we are always open to answering questions in the support server! Join using this link and ask any questions you have in the #questions or #help channel.