These docs are under construction and are thus incomplete. Please check back soon. In the meantime, use the tul!help command for command help.

Note: Tupperbox has a configurable prefix. In command examples below, replace tul! with your server's Tupperbox prefix where necessary.

Getting Started

tul!register - Register a new tupper
tul!list - Get a detailed list of yours or another user's registered tuppers
tul!remove - Unregister a tupper
tul!show - Show info about a particular tupper

Editing Tuppers

tul!avatar - View or change a tupper's avatar
tul!birthday - View or change a tupper's birthday
tul!brackets - View or change a tupper's brackets
tul!describe - View or change a tupper's description
tul!nick - Change a tupper's nickname
tul!rename - Change a tupper's name
tul!tag - Remove or change a tupper's tag (displayed next to name when proxying)
tul!togglebrackets - Toggles whether the brackets are included in proxied messages for a tupper


tul!group - View or change your groups
tul!listng - Like list, but without showing group info
tul!find - Find and display info about tuppers by name


tul!auto - Configure auto-proxying
tul!proxy - Enable or disable proxying
tul!private - Configure privacy settings
tul!cfg - Configure server-specific settings


tul!delete - Delete a previously proxied message tul!edit - Edit a proxied message you sent
tul!showuser - Show the user that sent a specific proxied message

Data Management

tul!import - Import your data from a file
tul!export - Export your data to a file tul!prune - Remove unused tuppers tul!purge - Remove all data

Get Help

tul!support - Get an invite to the support server
tul!help - Print this message, or get help for a specific command
tul!diagnose - Check for common permission or configuration issues tul!privacy - View my privacy policy
tul!stats - Show info about the bot