• tul!avatar <name>
    • Show <name>'s current avatar.
  • tul!avatar <name> [url/attachment] [crop:direction]
    • Change <name>'s avatar to the one in the URL or attachment.
  • tul!avatar <name> clear
    • Remove <name>'s avatar.

Note: Tupperbox has a configurable prefix. In command examples above, replace tul! with your server's Tupperbox prefix where necessary.

It's possible to simply upload the new avatar as an attachment while running the command instead of providing the URL. If a URL is provided, it must be a direct link to an image - that is, the URL should end in .jpg or .png or another common image filetype.

When setting the avatar, you can specify a crop direction as a named argument. Valid crop directions are: top, bottom, left, right, topleft, topright, bottomleft, bottomright. For example, tul!avatar &lt;name&gt; crop:left will center the crop on the left side of the attached image.

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