Basic Proxying

Basic Proxying is easy:

  1. Look at your tupper's brackets. They will look something like guy: text or {text}.
  2. Write your brackets in a message, but replace the word "text" with what you want your tupper to say. For example, if your brackets are guy: text, you can make your tupper say "Hello!" by sending this message: guy: Hello!.

Proxy Actions

There are certain actions you can take on proxied messages after they've been sent.

  • React to a proxy you sent with ❌ to delete it!
  • React to any proxy with ❓ to receive a DM from Tupperbox showing who sent it!
  • React to a proxy you sent with 📝 to edit it!

Who Sent It?

Tupperbox is not intended to provide any anonymity to users. There is a variety of ways to find out who sent a message using Tupperbox.

  1. ❓ reactions - React to a proxy with ❓ to get a DM with info about it, including who sent it.
  2. tul!showuser - Reply to a proxy with this command and Tupperbox will tell you who sent it. Unlike method 1, this one will tell you in public.
  3. tul!cfg log - Server admin only. By using this command an admin can tell Tupperbox to start logging all proxies sent to a channel.

Proxy Blocks

Proxy blocks are a Tupperbox Premium feature that allows you to do special things while proxying.

There are several different kinds of proxy blocks, but all of them share one thing in common: They are activated by writing {{double curly braces}} in a proxied message.

Embed Block

This proxy block allows you to send embeds (those fancy boxes the bot uses) with tuppers.
snee: {{"embed": {"title": "hi", "description": "this is an embed"}}}

Embed Block

There are many more options that can be used here. We recommend using an online embed visualizer such as this one to generate the embed code.

Dice Block

This proxy block allows you to instruct Tupperbox to perform complicated dice rolls, and insert the results in-line in your proxy, along with a readout of how the dice ended up rolling.
snee: I attack the enemy for {{5d6 + 10}} damage!

Embed Block
Redirect Block

This proxy block allows you to direct a proxy to another channel. This redirection will be logged if a logging channel is set.
Example: snee: {{#roleplay}} I originally sent this message in #testing!

The above message gets sent by Tupperbox in the #roleplay channel instead of in the #testing channel.


It's also possible to send more than one proxy with a single message! Simply start a new line in your message and begin typing the second proxy message:

guy: Snee, you're not actually that great of a sorcerer