• tul!list
    • Get a list of your groups and tuppers.
  • tul!list <user>
    • Get a list of the user's groups and tuppers. Mentions, names, and IDs all work.

Note: Tupperbox has a configurable prefix. In command examples above, replace tul! with your server's Tupperbox prefix where necessary.

This command has additional named arguments: sort - Sort by age, number of posts, or name. Defaults to user-defined order. order - Sort in ascending or descending order. Default is set based on sort method. group - Filter by group name. Defaults to no filter. display - Change the display format, either full or compact. Defaults to full.

Examples: tul!list sort:posts display:compact - Show a condensed list of tuppers sorted by message count. tul!list sort:age order:asc - Show a list of tuppers sorted by age, newest first. tul!list group:mygroup - Show a list of tuppers in the group mygroup.

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