Future of Tupperbox - Introducing Premium

To preface this announcement, I want to be open about the reasoning behind it. Something you all might not know is that I've been working on Tupperbox full time for over six months - at mine and my partner's expense. I made this decision because Tupperbox had long been causing me stress and eating up my free time, and at the time it really did deserve more love - there was a huge backlog of features and it was crashing almost once a day!

I'm proud to confirm that after much work and rewriting while working full time, Tupperbox now has over 99% uptime, and I was able to add plenty of great features like Autoproxy, proxy editing and replies, privacy settings, a reworked permissions system, scoped commands, and the entire website dashboard!

I'm proud of the progress so far (much of this stuff is completely new to me!) and I have so many more things I'd like to add, such as separate server-bound tupper lists, subgroups, labels, fronting, tupper sharing, attributes, and lots of stuff to the website. However, it's unfortunately just not possible for me to put the amount of work in that it takes to add all of these things unless I'm working full time, and I can't work full time unless the project can support me - and while we have over a hundred generous donators, it isn't enough to live off of. This is just an unfortunate reality of the situation. In light of this, we have decided to release a new service for Tupperbox users.

Tupperbox Premium

Tupperbox Premium is a subscription service for users interested in making the most out of their Tupperbox experience. The service is $5 per month and comes with a selection of cool new features like:

  • Sending custom embeds with tuppers!
  • 10x higher tupper limits! (500 tuppers per account to 5000 tuppers)
  • Avatar mirroring (automatically back up & resize avatars - never have avatar problems again!)

Premium users also get first access to features in beta testing. These are features for which the usage needs to be tested on a small group, and once data on resources and potential abuse is collected, they may become permanently premium-only or released to all users.

There are two new features in beta testing:

  • Dice rolling in proxies
  • Redirecting proxies to different channels

For existing and new patrons interested in a subscription, you can subscribe to the Patreon at the new $5 patron tier, which will automatically enable Tupperbox Premium for any linked Discord account. Existing patrons are receiving free premium credit according to the lifetime donated amount in thanks for getting us this far. You can go to the new Premium page at to check that it got enabled correctly, and use the "Verify" button if it didn't get enabled.

Proceeds from Tupperbox Premium will be put towards hosting, building new features, and building out a wider Tupperbox Community. The Community Server was the first step in this, but we are committed to taking further steps to give people spaces to connect and find new communities around central Tupperbox use cases, like plurality and roleplaying. If you haven't seen the Community Server yet, you can find an invite link on the website!

If you're not interested in paying, don't worry - all current Tupperbox features will be free to use forever and you will never need to pay to use Tupperbox.

Questions? Feedback? Problems with Premium? Join the Support Server and let us know: Support Server

~ Roryl, Tupperbox Creator

Note 1-29-24: The Community Server has been removed, and we are focusing on expanding Tupperbox's functionality primarily through the website and the bot itself.